Babes and Kids. 4-6 years

Our kids class helps our youngest actors build confidence and work on focus and discipline. Through storytelling, relaxation, sensory work and play our youngest actors learn to listen, maintain eye contact, trust their imaginations, and gain confidence while having fun. 


Tweens. 7-12 years

Students will learn to “live the life” of another person by personalising material using their imagination and real-life experience. This class will start to delve into basic script analysis, objectives and motivations and improve technique.This is a fun class, in which students get to work with the latest age appropriate sides from film, sitcom, episodic and serials. 

Photo by omgimages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by omgimages/iStock / Getty Images

Juniors. 13-15 years

For juniors class is geared toward focus, truthful performances through improvisation, cold readings, and breaking down a script. We explore objectives, behavior, relaxation and trust. The goal is to get the young actors comfortable and confident in their own bodies and out of their heads.


Seniors. 16-18 years

 This class expands on the junior class with a focus on more in-depth script analysis, listening and engaging truthfully with scene partners, improvisation, memorization and perfecting audition technique through a mastery of cold reading. Students are taught to respect each others personal space and both physical and emotional boundaries.