Why Should Kids Take Acting Classes?

Acting classes provide lifelong benefits. Many children watch their hero on television and film and think how they would love to be an actor. While they may not end up on the small or big screen, at least they can learn the life skill of acting. Indigo Kids Acting Studios provide practical benefits for the child throughout the course of their lives.



Indigo Kids Acting Studios can help your child connect with their right-sided creative brain. Acting is an art, and as your child attends acting class, they will use and develop their creative abilities.

We challenge each child to be curious, explore different circumstances, become playful, spontaneous, emotional, funny, passionate, grow and learn. As they learn to exercise their creative muscle, its effects will start to permeate other areas of their life.


Self Confidence

Public speaking is the number one fear in the minds of many people.

Acting classes are a wonderful way to build self confidence and remove this fear. Through acting exercises the students at Indigo Kids will become quite used to speaking in front of each other. As they become more comfortable, their confidence increases as well.

Additionally, acting focuses on vocal projection, articulation, and timing. We believe self confidence is an attribute that will allow our children to be better prepared for delivering oral reports, auditioning, job interviews, and presentations.




 Our acting classes can help your child connect with their emotions; to bring their emotions out from hiding, and to face them. By acting out the lives of others, they will gain a deeper understanding of others as well as learns about themselves.

An acting class can teach your child how to use their emotions, and empathy to communicate effectively. Getting in touch with their characters’ thoughts and feelings often helps them become more aware of their own thoughts and feelings.

Understanding what motivates different characters helps us to better understand people. This awareness allows actors to empathize with others and communicate effectively. The ability to empathize and communicate effectively will help them in their personal and professional relationships long after the cameras stop rolling.