What We Offer…


All of our classes focus on Screen Acting and the specific tools used in the medium. Students will work on monologues and scenes using film terms, and understanding how a set works. Each week students work with scripts from television and film in either an audition-style setting or on a student created set. All classes consist of on camera performances and at the end of every class students will have the work that they’ve filmed uploaded to a video storing website called Vimeo. Parents, carers and student will receive their private, password protected link after the first upload.

 Talent comes in all shapes and sizes but it means nothing without training and the ability to focus. In all of Indigo Kids classes, our students learn the fundamentals of being in the moment and exploring how feelings and emotions can affect the way you think, sound and move. 

Through games and group exercises, we learn how to be supportive team players, think on our toes, and express our feelings using our vocal and physical tools, as we have fun living truthfully in our imaginary circumstance. 


What we teach at Indigo Kids Studios – 

  • On-Camera TV/Film Acting technique

  • Voice and Movement work

  • Script Breakdowns

  • Character Creation

  • Improvisation

  • Scene Study

  • Meisner Technique  

  • Method Techniques such as emotional recall

  • and more!

 Each student is given a USB stick on enrolment where we will save their on camera performances during classes.  Along with this, we will have a friends and parent screening and awards night at the end of each year at a local movie cinema. Here will will recognize our hardest workers and most improved performers as well as give the students and their families the opportunity to see their work on the big screen. 

At Indigo Kids Acting Studios, we strictly limit our class sizes in order to give our students the individual attention they require to develop. However, class sizes can vary based on age and ability.


Indigo Kids Acting Studios is a place for kids to come and let their creativity shine, have fun, learn respect, empathy and responsibility and light the way for future generations of performers and filmmakers.